Level-D Service Pack 3 (Version 1.3) for the 767

There are 2 versions of this update. Click the links that apply best to your current installation:

SP3 Incremental (7MB) - This is if you already have version 1.21 (SP2.1) installed. Use this version if you have the CD ROM version of the product, or the full SP2.1 download version, or have already updated your download version to SP2.1. Click here for update details.

SP3 All-in-One (75MB) -This is an all-inclusive update that includes all service releases since the initial 1.0 release. You do not need any previous update to install this update. If you already have SP2.1 or the CD ROM version, use the Incremental update above. Click here for update details.

It is very important to note that for the All-in One version, after you run the update, you MUST run the Configuration Manager and save your settings to finalize the update.

Click here for the Level-D home page.