Service Pack 3 for the 767 (FS2004 Edition Only!

This Service Pack contains new features and updates. It is recommended that all purchasers download this update. Please read the documentation included for all changes.

IMPORTANT: After installation, you MUST run the configuration manager and save your settings to complete the update process..

>> Click here to go to the Service Pack 3 Download Page

Operations Manual for the 767 (FS2004 Edition Only)

Level-D is happy to provide the Operations Manual for the 767. This is the manual that will ship in the actual product. This will give you an idea of the features, as well as an understanding of the systems. Do note that there may be changes to the contents of this manual, and specifications of the final released product.

>> Click here to download (2.4 MB)

Free FS9 Version Repaint Section (including repaint template)!

Many repaints are available. These repaints are all free! Also check other popular sites for new repaints.

>> Click here to go to the 767 repaint page



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